9 great personal academic website examples
personal academic website examples

9 great personal academic website examples

So you’ve decided that you need one and are starting to figure out what to include and how it should look – well let me help with you 9 personal academic website examples to get you on the right track.

The following list has examples of from PhD students and established academics. All have used their name in their domain name, have a clear biography on the homepage, have included a picture of themselves, and have separate pages for their research/publications/CV.

1. Lee Taber – PhD Candidate


2. Anna E. Wilde – PhD Candidate


3. Dr Samantha Fecich – Professor


4. Dr Alex Burchmore – Lecturer


5. Meaghan Gade – PhD Candidate


6. Joel Eklof – PhD Student


7. Nikoloz Sirmpliatze – PhD Student


8. Audrey Truschke – Associate Professor


9. Michelle Morningstar – Postdoctoral Fellow


I hope you found this list of personal academic website examples useful. As you can tell they all vary greatly in design and complexity, but ultimately they all achieve the goal they’ve set out. If you Google any one of the names above, the first result will be the website listed here. Isn’t that something?

By owning your own domain, and creating your own website, you have complete control of your online identity. You can show as much or as little as you like and be confident that the first page anyone gets to when they search for you will be yours. None of the academics above need to wait to release any information about themselves, they don’t have to worry about the sites being outdated or showing the wrong information, when they move on in their careers there’s no concern about losing those valuable links and data.

It’s so important to establish your academic website as early as possible in your career – especially before you publish you first paper. As soon as anyone starts searching for you, it’s almost already too late.

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